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Qualitative Market Research

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International Journal of Research in Marketing

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Food Research International

However, proteins also have several important and industrial applications. Table of contents for International Journal of Market Research, 60, 4, Jul 01, The International Journal of Research in Marketing is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal for marketing academics and practitioners.

Building on a great tradition of global marketing. Rajdeep Grewal, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Marketing Research, outlines the journal's g overnance structure and the manuscript management process, offers insights for authors looking to publish in JMR, and discusses the challenges of navigating the peer-review process.

The most cited papers from this title published in the last 3 years. Statistics are updated weekly using participating publisher data sourced exclusively from Crossref.’s Profound solution allows you to maximize your research budget by purchasing only the specific data you need. Extract individual sections, tables, charts or graphs from our comprehensive collection of more thanmarket research reports from more than publishers across nearly industry sectors.

Journal of Marketing Research Special Issue: Education and Marketing. Worldwide, the consumption and provision of education is one of the most resource intensive and consequential activities for consumers and providers.

International journal of market research
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